If the Spirit of God himself truly lives in us born-again believers, shouldn’t our impact in this world be tremendous? These are the thoughts of Founder and Director of New Dawn Educational Centre, Irene Tongoi. “We, the Church, are barely scratch¬ing the surface in our impact on this world,” she adds. Over 20 years ago, […]


Last year saw many joys and some challenges in my ministry. Having been involved in the high school ministry for the past 10 years and actively discipling a few young ladies, I can testify that while our la­bour in the Lord is not in vain, it is most definitely accompanied by thistles and thorns. On […]

Save a child; Save the world

Save a child; Save the world

In these days when the winds of influence blow contrary to the principles of the Bible, how do believers keep sailing in the right direction? How do we influence others to sail towards godliness? American author and poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919), put it this way: “One ship sails east and another west with the self-same […]