The Kenya Leadeship Team

The new strategic plan of 2012-2022 has seen some changes in the KLT. The KLT members are now more task focused as opposed to area or entity as it was earlier. To ensure the fulfillment of our strategic plan which was divided into strategic areas we have assigned people to ensure the strategic areas get fulfilled.

[table align=”left” colwidth=”10%|68%|20%”]KLT member,Strategic Initiative Task,Image
Beulah Mucharie,”Persevering Prayer engagement at Corporate level.~~
Beulah and her husband Mucharie have led the National Prayer Team.”,IMG_3377
Chris Amulo,”Leadership and Leader Development~~
Chris has served as National Students Director and Training Director for over 5 years”,”Staff Pictures 2010 153
Tom Owuor,”Developing Laborers~~
Tom has shown increasing passion and involvement n the development of laborers and has worked ~~closely with Chris Amulo and Geoffrey Washiali in this area. This responsibility will stretch ~~him”,”Tom
Geoffrey Washiali,”Missional Living~~
Geoffrey is known for his zeal and energy in the Church Discipleship Mission work. But we have noticed his passion and for missional living as he has done research and implemented some of his findings with encouraging results”,Staff Pictures 2010 079
[table align=”right” colwidth=”10%|68%|20%”]KLT member,Strategic Initiative Task,Image
Paul & Stephanie Whitney,”Transformed Communities~~This couple does not theorize the concept of transformed communities. They live their lives in ~~the midst of an ungodly generation and have witnessed what true transformation of a rural ~~community looks like as a result of the gospel”,Paul and Stephanie Whiteny
Stanley Mukolwe,”Resource Mobilization~~
As National Director, this is one of his core functions.”,Dr. Stanley Mukolwe 2
Jean Kiviu,”Special Projects~~
In addition to bringing perspective to the KLT, Jean will carry out special tasks that cut across ~~the entire strategic plan.”,Jean Kiviu
Immaculate Kukubo,”Executive Assistant to National Director~~
Immaculate will serve the role of enabling the National Director execute KLT decisions.”,Immaculate 1