MahiainisJust who exactly is Mutua? The new Navigator president and general director, Mutua Mahiaini, may be familiar to some but very new to many. Here is a brief bio about him: 

Mutua Mahiaini is a Kenyan citizen by birth. He committed his life to Christ at the age of 10 and was later discipled by The Navigators. Mutua spent two years in France earning his masters degree as a professor of French. He taught French in Kenya for two years before joining Navigator staff in 1981. Mutua and Stephanie were married in 1982. Stephanie has her B.A. in music and education and was also discipled by Navigators. Early in their marriage, Mutua and Stephanie led a fruitful campus ministry at Kenyatta University.

In 1986, Mutua became the Kenya Country Leader, taking over from American missionary Bruce van Wyk. In 1994, Mutua and Stephanie moved to Abidjan in French-speaking West Africa to lead the work in Côte d’Ivoire and help oversee the pioneering of Navigator ministries throughout the French-speaking countries in Africa. In 1998, Mutua was appointed Africa Regional Director, after Mike Treneer (the incumbent president). The Africa work grew strongly under Mutua’s leadership over the next 13 years.

In 2011, Mutua passed the baton for the Africa leadership to Nigerian, Bulus Bossan. Mutua and Stephanie then moved to Colorado Springs to join the International Executive Team in April 2012. His role as International President of The Navigators starts in April 2015. The Mahiainis have four adult children. This is what the Kenyan Board of Directors wrote about their opinion on Mutua’s selection:
No reservations! He is intelligent, a listener, led by the Word in all aspects of daily life, mature, godly, a
teacher of the Word, a practical living example of what it means to live faithfully by the Word. His knowledge of Scripture and its application cannot be challenged. May the Lord be glorified. Mutua is a great follower of Christ and a people person; he will be a blessing to the body of believers.

We ask you to pray for the well-being of Mutua and his family. Commit the monumental task ahead of him into God’s hands and pray that the Lord may fill him with all wisdom and power to lead The Navigators.

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