I met Jesus after being introduced to the Navigators in Maseno University in 2010. By that time I was a second year student who not only cared less about Christ but hated Christians in campus who I considered hypocrites. I was introduced to systematic consistent bible reading and in the process believed and received Jesus.

I joined Navigators staff as a trainee in August 2012. Since April 1, 2016, I have been serving with the Navigators in Mombasa, Kenya as a Ministry staff. Nothing gives me joy than to be part of the great things God is doing among people who are hearing and responding to the gospel, more so the youth!

God is at work even at the Kenyan coast, offering his transforming power through the gospel of Jesus advancing into the Kenyan coastal nations. As The Spirit says through prophet Isaiah, Children are springing forth from a barren womb and extending stakes of their dwellings to conquer nations.(Isaiah 54:1-3).