The Navigators Prayer Retreat 2013

“THIS is the first formal prayer meeting that I have attended for a whole weekend without an agenda”



“God focused prayer helped me see Him for who He is and I was just in awe. I prayed that God would help me experienced Him in a deep and intimate way even as I came back home”

Christine Wakesho—Mombasa


“When I focus on God, He focuses on me and He is very interested in what I say. This enables me to know Him better and experience him in a new way”

Kenneth Njoroge—Eldoret

Looking around the room, I can’t help but be amazed by the diversity of people praying together. Seated right beside me is Peninah Njoroge, a high school student from Eldoret, while across the room is Uncle Zach Litaba who has been involved with The Navigators for over 30 years. Around 95 participants comprised of The  Navigators staff, associates and students from across the country gathered in Eldoret town (a 5 hour drive from Nairobi) for our third annual Prayer Retreat.

We had the privilege of being facilitated by Keith & Carol Plate from The USA Navigators prayer team. They were ably assisted by Sarah Mutua, Joseph Mucharie, and Bulus & Salama Bossan who lead the Africa work. They helped us not to seek God’s hand with a list of prayer needs but His face; enjoying Him for who He is. Indeed, when we came, we did have diverse needs, but as we meditated on the greatness of God from the Psalms…, it put our needs in perspective with many sharing their uplifting experience of peace.

Keith & Carol Plate, the facilitators at the Prayer Conference

Keith & Carol Plate, the facilitators at the Prayer Conference

Borrowing from our strategic plan that says:

“Understanding that prayer is vital to all aspects of our work, we need to have our total ministry immersed and fuelled by prevailing and persistent corporate prayer that is rooted in the promises of God” Strategic Plan 2012-2022 (Page 17)

We are grateful to God for his grace, providence, and leading at the retreat. His presence was evident as He brought us together in a symphony of worship. We felt like an orchestra with Him leading and drawing us closer to Himself.

We would also like to thank God for all those who gave towards the retreat and The Navigators Kenya National Office for their support. We also thank Tom Owuor and his Eldoret team for being such wonderful hosts. This prayer retreat would not have succeeded without the support of all regional coordinators who mobilised their members and all who attended.

The prayer retreat for 2014 is planned to take place in Machakos, God willing.

Bethuel Bissem
For the prayer team

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