Stan’s Letter – Change in Leadership Structure

Dr. Stanley W. MukolweThe composition of the Kenya Leadership Team (KLT) has historically been leaders of Area Ministries and Entities. This structure has served the ministry adequately for years. However, as the ministry has grown numerically and geographically, it has become increasingly impractical to continue expanding the KLT.

I have been doing some research on implementation of strategic plans. The successful implementation of our strategic plan will requires a huge commitment from all our ministry leaders who must lead, support, follow-up, and live the results of the strategic planning implementation process. Statistically, less than 50% of companies that put out strategic plans ever follow them through. Those that make a follow up achieve significant growth in their organizations. The Navigators-Kenya want to achieve significant growth.  After much prayer and consultation, we have decided to adopt two levels of National Leadership.

Level 1 – The KLT

KLT members will now be tasked with overseeing the priorities outlined in our strategic plan on a National level. See table below:
[table width=”100%” align=”right” colwidth=”15%|24%|61%”]KLT member,Strategic Initiative Task, Comments
Beulah Mucharie,”Persevering Prayer engagement at Corporate level.”,Beulah and her husband Mucharie have led the National Prayer Team
Chris Amulo,”Leadership and Leader Development“,Chris has served as National Students Director and Training Director for over 5 years
Tom Owuor,”Developing Laborers“,Tom has shown increasing passion and involvement n the development of laborers and has worked closely with Chris Amulo and Geoffrey Washiali in this area. This responsibility will stretch him
Geoffrey Washiali,”Missional Living“,Geoffrey is known for his zeal and energy in the Church Discipleship Mission work. But we have noticed his passion and for missional living as he has done research and implemented some of his findings with encouraging results

Paul & Stephanie Whitney,”Transformed Communities“,This couple does not theorize the concept of transformed communities. They live their lives in the midst of an ungodly generation and have witnessed what true transformation of a rural community looks like as a result of the gospel
Stanley Mukolwe,”Resource Mobilization“,”As National Director, this is one of my core functions.”
Jean Kiviu,”Special Projects“,”In addition to bringing perspective to the KLT, Jean will carry out special tasks that cut across the entire strategic plan.”
Immaculate Kukubo,”Executive Assistant to National Director“,Immaculate will serve the role of enabling the National Director execute KLT decisions.

Level 2 – The Leadership Council

As the ministry has grown geographically, numerically and as new entities have emerged, obvious gaps have become apparent. There are natural opportunities for the different entities to come together for the purpose of planning, praying and hearing from each other. Laborers raised in one entity have felt lost when asked to serve in other entities. We want to have a ministry whose laborers have the same Navigator DNA and who can be deployed anywhere – and thrive. We also want to create a structure that will enable convictions to trickle down to the grassroots much faster.

Here are some things we would like to see happen at the grassroots level:

  • People coming to Christ and being helped to build deep meaningful relationships with Him.
  • Recruiting those we raise to live out our vision, calling, and values.
  • Our workers developing a heart for the people they raise and helping them to develop a burden and passion for the lost.
  • Exposing everyone in the ministry to equal opportunities for growth and service, and prayerfully selecting future leaders from among those who distinguish themselves.
  • Provision of training opportunities for laborers that will equip them for lifelong generational ministry.
  • Designing of programs & activities that are strategically focused to accomplish our vision and calling.
  • Creation of training environments which are practical and effective in passing on Godly values and ministry skills.
  • Sending out of laborers on short term assignments to broaden their vision and sharpen their skills.


For this to happen effectively, the KLT and the Leadership Council must

  • Clearly understand and embrace the vision;
  • Immerse the ministry in prayer;
  • Clearly communicate the vision to inspire ownership;
  • Mobilize resources to enable implementation of the vision;
  • Regularly evaluate and realign the ministry to the vision;

In addition, the National Leadership Council will create an environment where there will be:

  • Broader ownership and implementation of the Navigator vision and policy.
  • Opportunities to give encouragement, input and direction to specific field ministries and entities.
  • An opportunity to assist the KLT in carrying the burden of the broader ministry.
  • Provision for an opportunity for Ministry integration
  • Intentional inclusion and development of the younger generation into National leadership
  • Alignment of the ministry to the CORE (which is our benchmark).  This enables us to have the same end-product as we raise laborers and leaders in different ministry entities.
  • Impetus given to the ministry.
  • Sharing, processing and evaluation of ministry reports from Areas and Entities.
  • An opportunity for the national and international leadership to influence leaders who have a direct involvement in the grassroots ministry.


Leadership Council

Some of the members of the Kenya Leadership Council

Who serves on the council?

As you examine the table below, you will notice that some names recur. This is because some leaders have multiple responsibilities. Some slots are yet to be filled:

[table width=”100%”] Area or Entity, Representative on Council,Comment
National Director,Stanley Mukolwe,
National Student Ministry Director,Chris Amulo,Term renewed in December 2012
Church Discipleship Ministry Leader,Geoffrey Washiali,Present leader
Eldoret Area Leader,Tom Owuor,Present leader
Mombasa Team Leader*,Cornelius Muatha,Recently asked to lead.
Nakuru Team Leader*,Travis Klingforth,Present leader
Machakos Team Leader*,Alex Kiamba,Present leader
Nairobi Area Team,Slot yet to be filled,Praying for the right person.
Embu Team leader*,Gerald Karanja,Gerald works for KARI and is our point person for Embu
Tisinye Team Leader*,Paul Whitney,Present leader
Orality,Stephanie Whitney,Recently asked to lead
Staff Care,Slot yet to be filled,Looking for the right leader
Prayer,Beulah Mucharie,Present leader
National Office Team leader,Immaculate Kukubo,Finance Manager
Economic Projects Transformation Facility (EPTF),Esther Muthoni Njenga,Present leader
Nav Youth,Zack Litaba,Present leader
Core Group**,Jemimah Jaoko,See note below
Missions,David Odhuno,Present leader
Focus,Billy Oyugi,Recently asked by KLT
Funding,Noel Owuor,Noel leads Africa Funding. We are look for someone to lead the Kenya Funding
Staff Training,Chris Amulo,Present leader
Women,Jean Kiviu,Present leader
Nairobi High Schools,Kamata Mbugua,Recently stepped in this role
Western Kenya Students Ministry,Tom Owuor,Is leading in this role
Western Kenya Rural Ministries,Paul Whitney,Is leading in this role
Chair to the EPTF Board,Nick Simani,Presently leads this entity
Nairobi Students Ministry Leader,Milton Mao,Presently leads this work
Ministry to Family and relational networks,Patience Mukolwe,Patience has exemplified leadership in this area
Africa Regional Council (ARC) members,”Nick Wanyoike, Wanjau Nduba, Sarah Mutua, Bob Meredith,Noel Owuor, Paul Kimani, Bulus Bossan”,ARC will provide oversight and be a sounding board for the National Leadership Council
* These ministries are located in geographical locations. KLT is seeking to redefine an Area Ministry.
** Michael Mwaniki leads Core Group in Nairobi. He has a demanding job and constraints on his time. We have asked Jemimah to represent Core Group on the Leadership Council.


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