Zack & Zenny Litaba

Zenny and I have four teenagers … imagine the food budget! Ouch! Laura our first born is a gifted singer. Dan is a skilled guitarist while Jeremy is the cartoon of the family with an amazing voice and is slowly getting used to singing before large audiences. Our nephew, David is also learning how to play the guitar and is very gifted with his hands. He is our Mr. “fix it.” They are all students at the Emerald International School, Nairobi. We are trusting God to see these teenagers become God fearing adults, committed to the purposes of God wherever they will go.

Nav Youth Ministry was born out of a need for the Navigators’ children to continue to be mentored and discipled in the basics of Christian life. The ministry primarily works with the children of Navigator staff and associates. Zenny and I lead this work. We minister to children of ages 2 to 20 years Together with their parents, and a team comprised of Stephanie Mahiaini, Patty Meredith, Wanjiku Kimani and Rhoda Owour, we endeavor to equip the youth with God’s word through age appropriate activities. During the school holidays we make an effort to organize youth camps for them. We are trusting God for youth that are godly, wise, knowledgeable and ready to serve where ever the Lord leads them in life (Daniel 1:4 and Isaiah 60:21-22).

Zack & Zenny Litaba,
NavYouth Ministry