Victoria Camila Adembesa

My journey with the Navigators started while I was at Moi University pursuing a degree course in Bio-Chemistry. I graduated last year. I am currently an intern with the Navigators Kenya- Eldoret enrolled in the Short Term Experience in Ministry (S.T.E.M) program. This is a one year program that has exposed me to a deeper knowledge of Christ and the need to make him known.

Every week, I meet 4 girls from Wareng’ High School for bible study and we are working through life issues. I am discipling some ladies at Moi University, School of Law and once every month, we have an inter-campus meeting.

Along with growth comes inevitable challenges … and yet my leaders, Tom and Emma, have extended God’s grace to me. I am learning to be real and vulnerable with others, and the girls I minister to are also learning to do the same. I want them also to experience God’s grace.

Victoria Camila Adembesa