Travis & Lydia Klingforth

We lead a team in Nakuru that is engaged in whole-life discipleship with small groups and individuals in Kiratina and Free Area, two of the poor neighborhoods of Nakuru.

We walk alongside churches in these neighborhoods, as we help people become more like Jesus. We share practical and interactive bible studies. We also mentor these disciples one-on-one in areas of health, small business, and spiritual growth challenging them to help their neighbors and children grow spiritually and in practical ways.

One benefit of a team is that each member brings different experiences, skills and passions. Susan, a trained nurse and former owner of a successful Nakuru restaurant, gets excited when she helps ladies stop feeling overwhelmed by their problems and instead look to Jesus. At the same time, she is helping them practically with business skills so they can succeed, whether they sell used clothing door-to-door or make fresh fruit juice. Susan, a widow, has three adult children.

God has given Loice both musical talent and the ability to connect with youth. As a mature single woman, she is able to tell young girls both the blessings and challenges of following Jesus. Loice also has small business experience which she uses to encourage young people. For example, she plans to teach one particular woman she is discipling how to make and sell beaded necklaces.

Lydia, a trained school teacher, is passionate and relational. She also has a heart for mothers of babies and young kids. Lydia and Susan teach classes to prepare expectant mothers for childbirth.

Travis, with a civil engineering background, loves to see dreams become reality as he helps with the logistics. He also sees young men as crucial in the transformation of urban neighborhoods. They are the least reached by the church but the few who live for God shine brightly.

Travis and Lydia, both originally from California, also really enjoy raising the two junior members of the Nakuru team: Meshach (age 3) and Silas (age 1).

Travis and Lydia Klingforth,