Silpa Ochieng’



When I grow up, I want to be a doctor, like my dad, that is what I grew up saying and then in my final year of high school, that dream died. And I didn’t really have another one, but for sure it was not becoming a Navigators staff.

I got to know about The Navigators through my sister, I was just about to join high school, and four years later, when I completed my studies, she reminded me about going for a 9/10 day program (Expo) where I got to know a bit more about the Navigators and I continued on with Core Group, Operation Timothy, I joined University, graduated, and came back for training and here I am, many years later as a Navigators staff.

I tried to run away from serving God full-time, but in His own way, He got me in and I have learned so much in the recent years, about God’s love and faithfulness toward me. I thank God for the far He has brought me.

I serve among University students, mostly from University of Nairobi. I enjoy hanging out with them, sharing the gospel, having Bible study and getting to know more about them and their families and I in turn share with them my life.

What motivates me and makes me press on is Isa 61:1-4. Being a blessing to people I meet as God also blesses me through other people.