Sarah Mutua

My full name is Sarah Mwayitsi Imbuye Mutua. I turn 62 in September this year. I was married to Simon Mutua and widowed in 2004. I have 2 sons, Samuel Kyalo Mutua (19) now at university and Stephen Kapten Mutua (17) now in his last year of high school.

My first contact with Navigators was in 1971 at the University of Nairobi (UON) as a first year student. I was discipled and trained by Lena Hageggard from Sweden. I was among the first students in the Campus ministry leadership team. I worked closely with Esther Waruiru (presently on the International Executive Team) and Jesse Theuri Njoka (presently the Chairman, Navigators Kenya Board of Directors). After graduating from the UON, I taught Fine Art and Maths at Pangani Girls High School for a while as I ministered to students in various high schools including my former school, Alliance Girls High School!

Later, in 1978, I was invited to join the Navigators staff team as the first Kenyan full-time staff trainee. After 22years of being on staff, I transitioned out so as to be more involved with my husband in his schools & colleges counseling ministry across Kenya. Upon his demise I was requested to work with the Navigators Africa. I am currently serving with the Africa Regional Council (ARC) in charge of Women Initiatives. This entails listening to the men and women in our ministries and listening to how God is leading us all to love and serve him in healthy partnerships across the continent, and that too, is my prayer.

Among many precious promises that the Lord gave me through the years, is Proverbs 27:23-27. It reminds me to invest in that which has generational value.

Sarah Mutua,
Africa Regional Council,
Women’s Desk