Peter & Lydia Agwa

The Lord has blessed Lydia and I with 3 wonderful children; Jonan, Akello and Jonea. Jonan is a software developer with a passion for missions! He looks forward to his second short term mission trip to Ecuador where he will put his IT skills to work. Akello graduated from Queens University with a degree in Biology and is about to complete a one year internship program with the Navigators Canada. Jonea is in her last year at Waterloo University studying Political Science and Women’s’ studies and actively involved in student leadership. Lydia practices pharmacy at the Wal-Mart store in Ancaster, Ontario.

On the 13th May 1973, at Nairobi School, a friend and school mate, the late lawyer/actor Sidede Onyulo introduced me to his Navigator missionary friend, Ove Tinggaard who led me to Christ. Through a Navigator bible study group; I grew in my walk with God. Later on, at the University of Nairobi, Medical School, I had the privilege of serving with the Navigators. After Lydia and I got married, we joined the Eldoret team alongside Dennis Tongoi and Bruce Nygaard.

Currently, we are with the Navigators of Canada, and on the Toronto team. We are ministering among medical students at the University of Toronto where there is collaboration between the Navigators of Canada and the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada.

Through friendship with some students, there have been opportunities for sharing the gospel and new initiatives for the gospel among the student fraternity, their families and churches. I also regularly meet and conduct bible studies with people of other faiths and cultures.

From these study groups, 5 leaders have emerged with an increasing passion for Jesus Christ. Each is spearheading initiatives with non Christians and leading small groups of Christians who are growing through fellowship, studying scriptures and learning to share their faith with others around them. I meet each one of the leaders on a weekly basis for prayer and encouragement. We also meet as a group once a month to learn from the Lord and one another. My prayer is that the Lord would allow me to help the 5 know Him, that they learn to obey God and respect His word; and have an allegiance to Him above everything else (John 17:6-8).

Peter & Lydia Agwa,