Paul & Stephanie Whitney

Our passion is to make disciples among the Kuria people who will love the Lord God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, and love their neighbors as themselves. We want them to hear the truth about God, to know that He cares deeply about every area of their life.

We are Paul and Stephanie Whitney and we live in a rural village in South Nyanza. We have been working and living amongst the Kuria since 1993, first in Tanzania and since 2002 in Kenya.

Eating ugali and drinking tea in each other’s homes, we are continuing to build bridges of trust, sharing of our Hope in the One who brings LIFE. As relationships grow, doors open to speak with our neighbors of God’s concern and love for our entire lives; His concern over their land, harvest, their fight against malaria and other diseases, broken relationships, and most of all, of His concern for their broken relationship with Him.

Several small discipleship groups have formed and many are hearing and studying the Bible for the first time. They are learning truth about the character of God and His plan to reconcile us to Himself, and to each other through the cross of Jesus. As hope replaces despair, our prayer is for, “the Gospel to spread naturally and powerfully, as believers share Christ…life upon life… family to family.”

Paul & Stephanie Whitney,
South Nyanza