Nancy Lugonzo

It was 4:30pm. I had just completed my duties for the day – keeping the premises clean and running office errands. I was excited. I was going to pick Eve from school since Francis, my husband, was away on a trip. Eve is our youngest child. Lillian (16) and Calvin (12) are all grown up, in different schools and walk back home after school by themselves.

Suddenly, the excitement turned into agony. To my utter shock, I learnt that Eve was not in school, and no one seemed to know where she was! How could this have happened? I was in panic. What can I do? Scream? Call the police? I called Immaculate, my workmate! I am sure my conversation was incoherent. I cried, I sobbed, and I mourned. She tells me, that together with the other office staff, they convened and prayed. A few minutes later they called to comfort me and with unshakable faith told me not worry, “everything will be alright,” they said. But how could everything be alright?! Not long after, I received a call from a stranger. It was the school driver. Eve had mistakenly boarded the school bus and was now being driven back to school. I was at peace and thankful. God had really protected Eve. He is a shield around us (Ps 3:3). My workmates had stood with me; they had expressed love and concern. I call them my friends.

Nancy Lugonzo,
Office Assistant, Navigators Kenya Office