Jean Kiviu

I became a follower of Christ at the end of primary school and received basic discipleship from American missionary teachers. In high school, I got to know about the Navigators who were discipling Wanjiku Kimani (then a fellow student and friend). I admired the way she was able to help younger believers because of the help she was receiving from the Navigators. I promised myself then, that if I had a chance, I would join the Navigators. This opportunity came at Kenyatta University, where I was discipled by Florence Wanyoike, Mutua Mahiaini (then our ministry leader) and Esther Waruiru.

In 1982, I made a decision that the Great Commission would guide the direction my life took. The mission of the Navigators captured me and I found my spiritual and ministry home here. I have enjoyed the privilege of belonging, being taught and transformed, being loved and affirmed and serving with great and like minded people. I have served in various capacities: on mission in Zimbabwe, Kenya ministry staff, on the Africa Regional Council (ARC) and currently serving as an Associate staff (I earn a living through consultancy work but have a job description like other staffs do) with oversight on missions. My current focus is on raising generational leadership among women. As part of the Kenya Leadership Team (KLT), I am charged with Women Leadership Development.

Jean Kiviu,
Missions Leader and Kenya Leadership Team