Billy & Lilly Odindo

Missional thinking and living is rooted in our mandate as disciples. If we as a body of Christ succeed in every area, but fail to make disciples who can spiritually multiply, then ultimately we have failed. Yet if we fail in every other area, but succeed in spiritual multiplication, then ultimately we have succeeded! This reality has been etched in my heart since 2003 when I met the Navigators through Dr. Mukolwe.

Together with a colleague pastor, we met Dr. Mukolwe for weekly bible study. After graduate school, I joined the Disciple Making Leadership Training (D.M.L.T) program on a part-time basis while I also served as a pastor. My passion for missions and discipleship grew. In 2008, during the Navigators Family Conference it became clear to me that I was going to spend more time in missionary work. Therefore, I spent the next two years praying, reflecting, searching scriptures and asking for counsel. I am now a pastor turned missionary. In January 2011, I resigned from my pastoral office to minister with the Navigators Kenya.

Lilly and I are still in the early stages of ministering and learning how to reach out to people of other faiths. This type of living requires intentionally and faithfully pursuing friendships and time in the word. Over time, we have been able to establish bridges of friendships characterized by trust. Our guiding verse in pursuing this vision is Jeremiah 1:5-10. We hope to encourage other believers to join us in this mission field.

Billy and Lilly Odindo,