Adams & Sarah Mutonga

We have been missionaries for the last 8 years in Morogoro, Tanzania and now in our second year of a 5 year term leading the work.

We are currently developing a National Ministering Team (N.M.T.) composed of missionary staff and a pool of growing Tanzanian Navigators scattered across the land. We meet them at least three times a year to mentor in life and grass- root ministry. Our prayer is that we shall soon develop a pool of Tanzanian men and women whom we can train as long-term staff; both full-time and insider ministries.

To accomplish this, we are training emerging ministering disciples like: Victoria Kariathi in the Short Term Experience in Ministry (S.T.E.M) program and a couple from the U.S.A, CP and Kim Brown, in the Disciple Making Leadership Training program (D.M.L.T).

We are motivated by Matt. 9:35-38 and Ephesians 2:10 in raising labourers and training young people to connect with God. We also pray that each of our children and those God gives us in the ministry will be, ‘…like a shelter from the wind….’ to those that God sends their way. Isaiah 32:1-4.

Our first born, Kavee, just joined Catholic University in Nairobi, Kenya, while Syokau our second born is finishing High School this year. Muthoni is completing her O-levels in Nairobi this June and our last born; Sifa has just started first Grade. Both Syokau and Sifa are home-schooled by Sarah.

Adams & Sarah Mutonga,
Country Leaders -Tanzania