Leadership and Leader Development

At the heart of every movement of the Gospel is a God seeking leader who is open and willing, and creates the time needed to listen to and speak for God. As the Navigators Kenya Leadership Team, we desire to be such leaders and provide this kind of leadership. We do believe that this is the only way we are going to see our Calling, our Values and our Vision (THE CORE) fulfilled. As we embark on the implementation of our 10 year strategic plan, the need for leaders who embody the passion to know, love, and become like Jesus is critical. To lead like Jesus comes from knowing him, loving him, and becoming like him.

As our ministry has grown both in time and in reach, there has been a need to identify, invite and train the next generation of leaders. This process started in 2004 and every year we have seen many young graduates take a year or two to be developed in their walk with God and leadership skills. During these ten years, about 25 people have been trained; a majority of these have been led by God to continue on, on staff. Others have moved on into the market place to serve with their careers, while others are still being trained.

As we have evaluated the quality of our training, needs have come up that need to be addressed if we are going to have ‘workers for the Kingdom next door to everywhere’. This will require that the training of labourers (initial discipleship) and the training of leaders in our strategic plan need to be given more emphasis. It is during the discipleship process that we are able to identify and recruit the next generation of trainers.

Most of our graduates will need help in how to live out and pass on their faith outside the four walls of the institutions where they are being discipled.  To do this we will need to raise leaders who can evangelise, disciple and equip workers for the gospel outside our traditional spheres of ministry, namely student and church ministry. Exposure to those serving among the poor, the rural, and the urban elite will be done so that where God places our graduates they will be ‘workers for the kingdom … living and discipling among the lost’.

The other need we have identified is the need for MENTORS. As our ministry has grown in Africa, many of our more mature and older staff have been called up to serve continent wise. Even though these great men and women of God reside in Nairobi, their focus has been ‘out there where the need is great’. We need to tap into these brothers and sisters and ask them to take under their charge one or two younger leaders and walk alongside them to encourage and to impact them in a way that brings out the best in them. We intend to pursue this mentorship program on both ends: encourage the younger leaders to seek out the older and request the older to make time for the younger leaders.

Since 2008, we have had a leadership development program that has seen nearly all our 26-35 year old leaders’ travel to receive input, and learn from other leaders across the continent and within the Navigator world. We have had some of our key Navigator Staff across the world speak to, and spend time with our emerging leaders. We intend to continue doing this more and more. In fact with the formation of the leadership council, we have opportunity for cross-generational learning. We will leverage these times together so that ‘there will always be a leader for our work in every age group’.

To do the above, we intend to:

  1. Strengthen our traditional ministries of students and church discipleship
  2. Expose our emerging leaders to our new frontier ministries(which traditionally have not been on our radar) such as Rural, Urban poor and People of other faiths
  3. Identify areas of ministry which we feel that if a lot of emphasis and resources, human and financial, are given to will propel us to reach many people in Kenya with the Gospel and train more leaders. (I am thinking of teacher training colleges, rural theological colleges, technical institutes and medical training colleges.)

Chris Amulo,
Leadership and Leader Development

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