Laying the Foundation in Youth

A huge majority of people who are strong believers in Jesus Christ come to faith between the ages of 14-24. During this time, many are either in High School, College or have just graduated. It is this important age group that we are focusing on as the Navigators Students Ministry. In fact we say that the Students Ministry is the engine of the Navigators work.


The Kenya Navigators Students ministry focuses on the following:

  1. High School
  2. Core Group
  3. University
  4. Graduates


We have these four ministries in Mombasa, Machakos, Nairobi and Eldoret.


The High School Ministry focuses primarily on reaching those in the age bracket of 13-17 years. We share the gospel with the students in the High Schools, do follow up on those who come to Christ and mentor them in their lives and academics. We use Rooted In Christ (RIC) as our discipleship tool.


Core Group is a one year program that focuses on discipling High School graduates, helping them develop convictions that are Biblical and giving them basic skills on how to disciple their peers. During this time we also expose them to career counselling so that they are ready to make informed decisions about areas of study in college or other career opportunities available outside academia. We use GRowing in Discipleship (GRID) as a tool in the discipling of this group.


The university ministry has been the flagship of the Navigators ministry worldwide. In Kenya, this age group offers an opportunity for us to influence future leaders by engaging them through discipleship and equipping for life long walk with God. The university offers us a lot of opportunities to share the Gospel with people who are a stage in life where freedom and independence are beckoning.


The Graduates ministry is a recent addition to our work. We have noticed that many are involved with us in High School, Core Group and University but when they graduate and enter the marketplace, they “get lost” in the  many activities that end up stifling their spiritual vigour. We have christened this ministry “Faith and the City”. Here we endeavour to help our graduates navigate the world of work, family, faith and career and to finish well.


Recent work:

  • On  3rd-5th May, we had our quarterly Staff and key labourers retreat in Machakos. Jim & Beth Luebe, US Navigators Collegiate Directors were our facilitators during that time. All those who attended had a refreshing time.
  • On June 1st we had a one day Conference for Faith and the City. Bulus Bossan shared on engaging your workmates with the Gospel.
  • The months of May, June and July will see us play host to a number of Summer Team Programs from the US and the UK. Pray that these partnerships will be used by God for his glory.


Chris Amulo
Students Ministry Leader



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