Harvesting Men

By Ian Cheruiyot

Our location was a small and obscure retreat in Kitui for our labourers’ national training program. It was the  perfect environment for intense training in God’s word away from the distractions of the big city. The ten days birthed my excitement for the re-opening of the new semester at the University of Nairobi College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS). Students resumed from their long holiday. Our core value, “The dignity and value of every individual” inspired my prayers for each student. Every single person deserves to hear the Gospel message. Every single person deserves to be discipled. Our Lord has entrusted the message of life and death to individuals. The Lord could have entrusted this message to more reliable messengers like angels but He used ordinary people like the disciples.

“I have been stirred after this training. Indeed the Lord has confirmed my desire to give myself to further input with The Navigators,” said Dominic who graduated from University of Nairobi in 2013 from CAVS. I have consistently met with Dominicthroughout his university days. I have also visited his home and met his family. He is currently pursuing his internship at Soysambu farm. He will continue to receive training from The Navigators.

This will be the first of such trainings that seeks to develop labourers for the marketplace. How do we advance the Gospel of Jesus and His kingdom within the Kenyan labour force? The training that Dominic will receive is aimed at helping our students become labourers using their careers to advance the Gospel. Please pray for lasting fruit from this ministry and that I would model dignity and value for every individual.

Ian Cheruiyot is a Field Ministry Partner working with the students’ ministry



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