Developing Labourers

AFTER completing her undergraduate studies, she was posted to Western Kenya for internship. She successfully completed her internship and got a job in a remote part of the Kenya. This is not unusual.


What is unusual is that, during her internship, God used her to reach a number of young men and women. Currently she is discipling four young girls in a nearby secondary school. She also holds a regular bible study with a family who recently gave their lives to Christ.


Emma is surely an answer to pray. What is unique about her? She dared to put into practice the discipleship principles that she learnt while pursuing her studies in college. What do we want to see:

‘labourers and leaders emerging, with an increasing passion for Jesus Christ, demonstrating faith and courage as they live and move among friends and families. That ordinary people, in many walks of life, are joyfully leading integrated lives. As fruitful insiders among the lost, they will be marked with perseverance in the face of hardship and sufferings, as many come to Christ.’  (Strategic plan 2012-2022)


The average Christian is aware of the fact that they should help fulfil Christ’s Great commission. They should be obedient to the command of Jesus to ‘Go … and make disciples.’(Matt 28:19-20)


Still, as in Jesus’ day, ‘the labourers are few.’ (Matthew 9:35-38) Why? Could it be due to lack of motivation, an I-don’t-care attitude, lack of proper vision for what an ordinary man or woman can and should do? Many simply don’t know how to go about it.


It is the objective of the Navigators to obey this commission by winning as many men and women as possible to Christ and not be satisfied until they are marked by faithfulness, obedience and courage to pursue the purposes of God toward spiritual generations.


The Great Commission Jesus gave his disciples can be broken down into two parts namely ‘winning men and women to Christ’ and ‘making disciples of men and women.’  Our task therefore, is not only to go and confront men and women with the Gospel of the grace of God, but it is also to teach and train them, so that they too can bring others to Christ.


John 15:16 (The Message) says, ‘You didn’t choose me, remember; I chose you, and put you in the world to bear fruit, fruit that won’t spoil. As fruit bearers, whatever you ask the Father in relation to me, he gives you.’


Christ’s call on every believer therefore is to make disciples.No matter what you are doing, if you are not making disciples you are not doing what Jesus Christ commanded you to do. 


What this means is that we need to have or develop an attitude of a LEARNER to perpetuate the learning process, a FOLLOWER to provide an adequate model, and a REPRODUCER caring for the next generation.

Tom Owuor
Developing Labourers

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