By Lydia Klingforth

A year ago I was sad when one of our two papaya trees was blown over in a windstorm. Papaya trees can’t bear fruit alone. One has to pollinate the other. Thankfully, our neighbors also grow papayas and the bees travel from their tree to ours. So we still get fruit because cross-pollination continues.

In the same way, “cross-pollination” within the Kenya Navigators has been vital to the Nakuru team in the past two years. In 2012, the Nakuru, South Nyanza and Eldoret teams formed the Western Region. The KLT had urged us to work closely, since besides having geography in common, we each use oral Bible teaching methods and work in non-traditional Navigator contexts. So we have been meeting several times a year for training and mutual encouragement.

In October 2012, the Eldoret CORE groupers (high school graduates) joined one of the Nakuru team’s community Bible study groups in a series of home visits to share the Gospel with their own friends and family. The method: Bible storytelling! Through the preparations and the visits themselves, three people accepted the Lord. And since these people were already relationally connected to the Bible study group, follow up has been natural.

Then, this past November, the Nakuru team, plus Eldoret-based Emma Achieng, spent several days in South Nyanza with Paul and Stephanie Whitney and the disciples there. Nakuru team members Susan Kamau and Loice Kabaki worked with Emma and Stephanie to lead an interactive Women’s Health Day. That same day, the men did a Bible study and built an improved pit latrine at one of the disciple’s homes. In addition, our team has informally hosted several Kenya Navigator colleagues in our homes. These have been great opportunities to get to know each other better, share what God is doing in our lives, and encourage each other in the work God has called us to.We invite other Navigators to join in the cross-pollination, visiting one another and visiting us!  Karibuni Nakuru!

Lydia Klingforth is a missionary ministering in Nakuru with her husband, Travis.




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