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Increase in Bookshop Prices

The Government recently introduced a 16% VAT on all books sold within Kenya. Since our last audit, our bookshop has been directed to comply with this tax system by the Government. The taxation also affects newly printed material. We are therefore required to add this 16% VAT on our books. We would like to inform all our clients that our book prices have slightly increased. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • Through His Eyes

    Kathy Miller

  • A Discipleship Journal: Following God in tough times

    Michael M. Smith

  • To Run and Not Grow Tired

    Fran Sciacca

  • To Stand and Not be Moved

    Fran Sciacca

  • Calm My Anxious Heart

    Linda Dillow

  • When Faith Isn’t Easy Anymore – Booklet

    Dan Webster

  • A Deeper Kind of Calm

    Linda Dillow

  • Brave Enough to Follow

    Stuart Briscoe

  • To Love with all Your Heart

    Fran Sciacca

  • To serve with all your strength

    Fran Sciacca

  • To yield with all your soul

    Fran Sciacca

  • A Discipleship Journal: Nurturing a Passion for Prayer

    Michael M. Smith

  • A Discipleship Journal: Redeeming Failure

    Michael M. Smith

  • Lord Teach Us to Pray

    Fred .A. Hartley

  • Living by the Spirit

    Marlene Nathan

  • Turning Your Heart toward God

    Paul Thigpen with Sue Kline

  • Spiritual Disciplines for Christian Life

    Donald S. Whitney

  • How to be Effective in Prayer

    Warren Myers & Ruth Myers

  • The Power of Personal Prayer

    Jonathan Graf

  • What God Does When Men Pray

    William Carr

  • The Power of Prayer

    Eugene H. Peterson

  • Becoming a Man of Prayer

    Bob Beltz

  • Becoming a Woman of Prayer

    Cynthia Heald

  • A Woman's Guide to Discipling

    Dana Yeakley

  • Revolution of Character

    Dallas Willard & Don Simpson

  • A Discipleship Journal: Becoming more like Jesus

    Michael M. Smith

  • Growing in discipleship Book 1: Knowing God

  • Growing in discipleship Book 2: Gaining Assurance

  • Growing in discipleship Book 3: Laying the Foundation

  • Growing in discipleship Book 4: Becoming a Disciple

  • Growing in discipleship Book 5: Growing in Christlikeness

  • Growing in discipleship Book 6: Building in God’s Family

  • Growing in discipleship Book 7: Gaining God’s Perspective

  • Rooted in Christ Book 1 & 2

    Can I know God Personally? & How to be sure about your relationship with God.

  • Rooted in Christ Book 3 & 4

    God’s Plan for your life & Becoming Christ’s Disciple

  • Rooted in Christ Book 5 & 6

    Growing in Christ-likeness & Serving Christ

  • Husbands and Wives

  • A Healing Marriage

    Brad & Cheryl Tuggle

  • Beyond The Vows

    John .O. Macharia

  • Marriage takes More than Love

    Jack & Carole Mayhall

  • Money & Marriage

    Matt Bell

  • Rocking The Roles

    Robert Lewis & William Hendricks

  • The Act Of Marriage

    Tim & Beverly LaHaye

  • The Marriage Masterpiece

    Al Janssen

  • Thriving Despite a Difficult Marriage

    Michael & Chuck Misja

  • When I get Married

    Jerusha Clark

  • Why Marriage Matters

    Glenn .T. Stanton

  • How to Overcome Loneliness

    Elisabeth Elliot

  • The DNA of Relationships

    Dr. Gary Smalley

  • Dealing With Desires You Can't Control

    Mark McMinn

  • Hope for the Hurting

    Doug Sparks

  • How to Make Friends

    Jerry & Mary White

  • A Woman of Excellence

    Cynthia Heald